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JBC began as an importer and distributor of fruits from Malaysia into the Hong Kong market in 2016. As demand increased, JBC branched out into retail with several locations across the city as well as home delivery of its products. Since then, JBC has diversified into seafood products as well as non-food products internationally, becoming a bridge for customers and suppliers. Today, JBC’s team of executives with over 30 years of global sourcing and processing experience is uniquely positioned to serve the diverse needs of an international clientele in both food and non-food sectors. Each customer is unique and is focused on its own set of opportunities. With our extensive knowledge in sourcing, processing, R&D, Quality Control, and supply chain management, we work hand in hand with you to help you capitalize on, and profit from those opportunities. Lean, nimble and responsive, our team is ready to partner with you to help grow your business.

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We source from over 70 countries with more than 400 sourcing partners

Our Products

We work directly with the plants to secure respirators, face masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for our customers worldwide. Our network of plants located in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand provides competitive pricing, stability of supply, and access to immediate stock. Before each shipment, our own QC team is on hand to ensure that the quality matches our customers’ specifications and that each shipment meets the regulatory requirements of the exporting and importing country.

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